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English for Engineers and Technicians

The increasing globalisation of technology is having its effect on more and more companies and areas of work:

- English is increasingly the means of communication with international customers, suppliers, head office and subsidiaries, even telephone hotlines are now very often English-speaking

- the language of international conferences is normally English

- handbooks are increasingly being written in English versions only.

ENGLISCHES INSTITUT KOELN and INTERFACE Communication will teach you in 4-day seminars:

- to use documentation efficiently and reliably
- to give clear technical explanations.

Content of seminar: 

Using handbooks and other documentation
How can I read efficiently? How can I read quickly and exactly?
What can I do about unknown vocabulary? Can I learn words more easily?
How important are text structure and language structure?

Telephoning and telephone conferences

Meetings and negotiations
How can I deal with inhibitions? 
How can I express myself exactly? How can I speak more fluently?

Emails and reports.

This content will be intensively worked on and assimilated through the use of authentic technical documents, simulations, roll-plays and exercises. The content can be modified to suit the individual needs and wishes of the participants. 

A good command of English is becoming ever more indispensable!

These seminars are based on the extensive experience over many years of the ENGLISCHES INSTITUT KOELN and INTERFACE Communication in the teaching of English, particularly in company-specific seminars entitled "English for Technicians". 

The seminars are designed for all who have to use English for their technical work and who want to be able to use it more effectively.

We hear again and again 
"I don't know the words", "even when I know the words, I sometimes don't understand", "what if I misunderstand?" 

We can help you with these problems. 

These 4-day seminars have a total duration of 22 hours 30 minutes:


Tue., Wed., Thu,

11.00 h - 16.30 h

09.00 h - 16.30 h

Seminar dates by arrangement

Please apply in writing on the separate form provided here

Please download an assessment questionnaire and fax it to us with your enrollment

Please note that we provide other seminars and in consultation with you we can design a seminar specifically for your company.

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