INTERFACE Communication

Portrait of INTERFACE Communication

INTERFACE Communication contributes to the success of its customers by improving the effectiveness of managers, engineers and technicians through better communication in English.

The director, Lorcán Mac Cumhaill, is Irish and lives in Germany. He studied languages and linguistics and was a secondary teacher of languages in Ireland. Later he qualified as a teacher of computer skills. For over 20 years he has been providing training in English for professional purposes in Germany, for companies and at university level. 

The trainers are native speakers of English and are well qualified in language teaching. Furthermore they have backgrounds in science and technology and are carefully chosen for their personal and professional qualities. The high quality of the trainers is a crucial element of the service provided by INTERFACE Communication. 

The most important characteristics of our work are that

- we establish carefully the exact needs of the client and keep these needs under review 

- corresponding to these needs we provide the optimal combination of resources. 

We base our work on scientific principles of applied linguistics.

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